Here are a few books and Excel related products that will help you in your daily work. The first list shows my products. The second list contains products that I use and recommend. All the links are affiliate links, so if you click a link and buy the product, you’ll help support this blog. Thanks!

My Products

Pivot Power Premium Add-In

The Pivot Power Premium add-in saves you time and effort, when working with Excel pivot tables.

Data Entry Pop-up

For quick and easy data entry.

Excel UserForms Kit

Learn to build a UserForm that stores data on a hidden worksheet

Products That I Recommend

If you work with Excel charts, save time with Jon Peltier's Excel Charting Add-in

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

Chandoo has an Excel project management bundle that will help you get started, with a useful set of templates.


Chandoo also provides online Excel dashboard training.