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how to make a marimekko chart 2

How to Make a Marimekko Chart in Excel

In a Marimekko chart, the column widths show one set of percentages, and the column stacks show another set of percentages. For example, show the size of market segments for computer sales, and company...

Excel COUNTIF Challenge 19

Take the Excel COUNTIF Challenge

Last week, in my Contextures Newsletter, I posted an Excel COUNTIF challenge. There were 100 codes on a worksheet, but when counted, the occurrences for each letter only added up to 99. What was...

Interactive Excel Chart 0

Create an Interactive Excel Chart

If you add a chart to a dashboard, it’s helpful to let people choose what they’d like to see in the chart. In this example, you’ll choose a date range, and select other criteria,...

Close All Your Excel Files 6

Quickly Close All Your Excel Files

First, I’ve got two quick announcements, and then there’s a handy Excel trick for you. Are you ready for Spreadsheet Day 2016? Quick, close all your Excel files, and bake a cake!

Excel Holiday Meal Scheduler 0

Create a Schedule in Excel

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving, and we’ll have 16 people here for dinner. To make sure that all the dishes are ready on time, I’ll create a schedule in Excel for everything that...

contextures blog theme update 8

Contextures Blog Update

After having all kinds of problems on the blog last week, I’ve installed a new theme. Everything looks different, including the header image. It’s a photo that I took on a vacation, and the...

Excel sing-along 4

Excel Sing Along

It was a busy and stressful week, with all kinds of computer fun – plugin updates that killed my blog, a touchpad that refused to turn off, all my Outlook contacts disappearing into the...