Excel Smart Art Family Tree

excel family tree

How far back can you trace your family tree? Prof. Lee Townsend, from University of Hartford, has found an interesting new way to draw her family tree -- in Excel, using Smart Art and some VBA.

The details are below, and I’m also happy to announce the winners in the Peltier Tech Chart Utility Giveaway.

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Excel Chart Utility Giveaway

chart utility giveaway

On Thursday, June 12th, Jon Peltier is releasing the Advanced version of his Excel Chart Utility. If you make charts in Excel, keep reading, to see what the chart utility does, and how you can win a copy of your own.

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Excel Roundup 20140609

multiplan disk

What’s the oldest version of Excel, or other spreadsheet program, that you have lying around your office? In my office, there’s an old Multiplan disc and manual, and before that, I probably used a rock and chisel.

Gough Lui took a trip back in time, and installed Excel for Windows Version 3.0 – nine floppies, all 5.25″ in DD 360kB format. There are lots of screen shots, which might make you nostalgic for the good old days.

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Quick Charts and Free Upgrades

set default chart type

After you put data onto a worksheet, you might need to add a chart, for a visual summary of the data. In the screen shot below, there is sales data for 4 regions, and a column chart from that data.

You can quickly see that things are going better in the East region, than in the North. Probably all the snow up there kept people away from the stores!

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Canadian MVP Day 2014

mvp canada day 2014

Last Friday, I was invited to attend the MVP Open Day  at the Microsoft Canada headquarters. We had a full day of meetings, and I presented a couple of sessions about Excel.

That lovely pink pen was made for me by Anthony LoBello, as a thanks for some Excel help. It’s a good idea to bring a distinctive pen to meetings, so nobody tries to wander off with it.

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Excel Roundup 20140602

3D formula

At PC World, Julie Sartain shows how to set up a workbook with a sheet for each month, and 3D formulas to summarize the Year to Data expenses. It’s not the way I’d set it up, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

What struck me was the comment,

“One of Excel’s greatest tricks is the dimensional or 3D reference…In Excel 2013, Microsoft has beefed it up with enhanced options and formulas.”

There are new functions, and other features in Excel 2013, but I don’t know of any new options in this area – did I miss something?

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Auditing Excel Formulas Quick Tips

closed door brock's monument

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had lots of trouble with this blog. It’s been up and down, and I’m sorry if you’ve come to visit, and found the doors closed! The sturdy-looking door shown below is at Brock’s Monument, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which I visited earlier this month.

So, I’ve turned off a few things on the blog, like subscribing to comments, to see if that helps. Maybe Dick Kusleika, at Daily Dose of Excel, has some tips for me, if he’s sorted out his blog problems.

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Create IFRAME Code in Excel

iframe code in Excel

If you want to embed a YouTube video on your website, YouTube will create some IFRAME code for you. If you want to embed content from somewhere else, you might have to create your own IFRAME code, or find a free generator somewhere in the interwebs.

But now you won’t have to wander the Internet hallways, looking for a solution, dodging scam artists at every intersection. Instead, you can download my sample file, and create your code in the safety of your own Excel file.

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Excel Roundup 20140526

Office for iPad

Are you using the iPad version of Office? The design team describes some of the design principles they used in creating this new version of the Office package, and customizing it for the iPad.

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SHEET and SHEETS Functions in Excel 2013

sheets function

I’ve been experimenting with the new SHEET and SHEETS functions in Excel 2013, to see how they could be used.

The SHEETS function counts all the sheets in a reference The SHEET function returns the sheet number for a reference

You can see a demo of these functions in the video at the end of this post.

How Do You Use These Functions?

Have you found any practical uses for these functions? I came up with a few formulas that let you do some troubleshooting.

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