Use Running Total to Compare Years in Excel

Running Total to compare years

If you're analyzing sales data from year to year, you can make a line chart that shows each month's sales. That lets you see if there were any months with big differences, and shows how sales went up and down over the year. Another option is to use a Running Total to compare years in Excel. It's quick and easy to set up with a pivot table and pivot chart.

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Pivot Table Time Problems

pivot table time rounding

It's pivot table time! First, we'll take a look two common pivot table time problems - rounding and totals. Then I'll show you a couple of ways to save time when working with pivot tables.

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Count Unique in Excel Pivot Table

Distinct Count in Pivot Table

In a previous article,  Roger Govier showed us a couple of different ways to get a Unique count with a Pivot Table.

Create a Pivot of a Pivot Tables results (fast) Add a calculated column to the source data (much slower)

Now Roger has added another technique that you can use, in Excel 2013 and later. I'll hand things over to Roger, so he can describe the steps.

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Change Pivot Chart Layout

Fix Pivot Chart Column Colors

Recently, someone asked me why all the columns in their pivot chart were the same colour. The chart showed several months of data, for multiple regions, and every column was blue.

In the screen shot below, I've created a similar pivot chart, from fake sales data.

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Show Rank in Excel Pivot Table

Add Rank to Excel Pivot Table

A pivot table is a great way to quickly summarize number, to see how your business is doing. But sometimes those numbers are too large to analyze in your head, so let the pivot table give you a bit of help, with the pivot table Rank calculation.

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Move Pivot Fields Without Dragging

Move Pivot Fields Without Dragging

Last week, someone asked me if there is a menu command for moving the fields in a pivot table layout. For example, if the Region field is in the Columns area, can you use a command to move it to the Rows area, or do you have to drag it with the mouse, in the PivotTable Field List?

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Pivot Table Source Data Articles

Pivot Table Data Source Tips

The key to success with Excel pivot tables is having good source data. I've written many articles with pivot table data source tips, and this list will help you find the information that you need. Some of the articles are on my Contextures website, and others are on my Pivot Table blog.

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Pivot Table Running Total Percent

Use Excel Pivot Table Running Total Percent to Analyze Sales

At the beginning of every month, I download the previous month's statistics for my web site, to see which pages and files were the most popular. After the data is imported to Excel, I use pivot tables to get a quick overview of the activity.

If a page is getting lots of hits, I might add a new section to it, to make the content even better. And, seeing which sample files get downloaded most frequently, gives me ideas for creating new examples.

I'm sure you do something similar for your month end, to see how things are going. And

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Find and Fix Pivot Table Source Data

alt text: Find and fix pivot table data source problems

After you create a pivot table, you might add or change records in the source data. Sometimes the pivot table does not update correctly, to show the new data. Or if you've inherited the pivot table file from someone else, you might not even be able to find the source data, in a large workbook.

To help with these problems, I've added a new page on my Contextures site, with tips for finding and fixing the source data for a pivot table.

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Hide Pivot Table Subtotals

Remove pivot table subtotals VBA

Sometimes the Excel macro recorder creates code that gets you off to a good start. Other times, it's not so helpful.

This week, I was working on a pivot table macro, and wanted to turn off all the Row Field subtotals. Fortunately, there is a handy command for this on the Ribbon, on the Design tab, under PivotTable Tools. One click, and the subtotals disappear, or reappear.

Let's get the code for that, which I'm sure will be equally clean and simple. Ha!

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