Excel VBA Problem With Step Into F8

After you record or write a macro in Excel, you can run the macro, or go slowly through it, line by line, to see if it is working correctly. I use the F8 key, in the Visual Basic Editor, if I’m troubleshooting a macro, to see where something is going wrong. You can use also use the Step Into command, in the VBE’s Debug menu.

However, for the past few months, something was going wrong with the “Step Into” command in Excel 2010, whether I used the menu, or the F8 key.

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Add Number to Multiple Cells in Excel

Add amount to multiple cells

If you’ve already entered a number in a cell, or a group of cells, what’s a quick way to add something to that amount?

For example, I keep track of my To Do list in a workbook, and one of my items is “Daily Admin tasks”. Sometimes, I start the day by answering client emails, posting links to my latest blog post, and doing the accounting for the previous day’s sales.

So, I enter the time spent – 0.75 hours – and move on to the next task.

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Hide an Excel Worksheet Automatically

hide worksheet with vba

When you build a workbook for other people to use, there might be worksheets that can stay hidden some of the time. In this example, the workbook is used to create and print orders.

If the shipment is going to Canada, an Export Form needs to be printed too. For shipments to the USA, the form isn’t needed.

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Excel Smart Art Family Tree

excel family tree

How far back can you trace your family tree? Prof. Lee Townsend, from University of Hartford, has found an interesting new way to draw her family tree -- in Excel, using Smart Art and some VBA.

The details are below, and I’m also happy to announce the winners in the Peltier Tech Chart Utility Giveaway.

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Modify Excel VBA Code in Sample Files

edit sample code

On my website, there are hundreds of Excel sample files that you can download and use. Some of the files contain macros, and you might need to adjust those macros, to use them in your own files.

There is a page on my Contextures site, that explains how to copy the sample code into your files, and where to paste it. There are written instructions, and a few videos, to help you get started.

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Warning For Grouped Sheets

grouped sheets warning

If you select more than one sheet in a workbook, and start typing or formatting, that data  or formatting will be entered in all the selected sheets, not just the active sheet.

That’s a great feature – if you want to type on all the sheets, or add formatting, or whatever. But it’s not so great if you don’t notice that the sheets are grouped, and accidentally work on all the sheets.

It’s easy to forget that you grouped a few sheets – you interrupt your work for a quick phone call, or grab another cup of coffee, and poof!

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Change Characters to Superscript

superscript in cell

Do you ever use the Subscript or Superscript fonts formats in Excel? Maybe you’re reporting on chemical usage, and you need to enter CO2 as one of the row headings.

In Word, you can add those commands to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Then, select a character, and click the Superscript command.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in Excel – those commands aren’t available when you customize the QAT.

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Headers on Excel Combo Boxes

headers on combo box

You can use combo boxes to show a drop down list, either in a UserForm, or on a worksheet. Sometimes a list is easy to understand, like this one, which shows a part number and part name.

If the list has multiple columns, it might help if there is a heading for each column, like the one in the next screen shot.

You could probably figure it out without the headings, but it removes any potential confusion, if you show the labels at the top of the list.

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Excel Images Change Size After Preview

I ran into an odd problem with images in Excel 2010 last week – after looking at the sheet in Preview, a small logo graphic grew big enough to cover the most of the data on the sheet!

Here’s how it looked before the Preview – just a nice, small-sized logo, at the top left of the sheet.

Check the Picture Settings

The first thing I did was check the picture settings – right-click on the picture, and click Size and Properties

Then, in the Properties category, make sure the image is set to “Don’t move or

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Problem Breaking Links in Excel

In the screen shot below, there are two files. Cell B4 in the worksheet at the right is linked to cell B7 in the sheet at the left.

In the file with the link, I can go to the Ribbon’s Data tab, and click the Edit Links command,

That opens the Edit Links dialog box, and shows a list of the links in the workbook.

To break the link to the other file, you can click the Break Links button.

When the confirmation message appears, read the dire warnings, and make a backup, if you haven’t already

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