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hide sheets based on tab color 1

Hide Sheets Based on Tab Color

Last month, I showed you my code that hides worksheets, based on the text in their names. Someone asked we could hide sheets based on tab color instead, so that’s how today’s example works....

Show Specific Sheets in Excel With Drop Down List 4

Show Specific Sheets in Excel

In a workbook with lots of worksheets, you can have a hard time finding the sheets that you need, to do a specific task. Instead of scrolling through all the sheet tabs, or using...

Popup List on Click or Double-Click 0

Change Excel VBA Code to Improve Speed

In some of my files, macros run automatically when you select a cell on the worksheet. For example, if you’ve bought a copy of my Data Validation Multi-Select Premium (DVMSP) kit, it shows a...

Show Message in Status Bar 11

Show Message In Excel Status Bar

If a macro takes a long time to run, it can be frustrating to wait for it to finish. Usually the screen updating is turned off when a macro runs, so it’s hard to...

Macro Buttons on Floating Form 7

Excel Macro Buttons on Floating Form

In the olden days (Excel 2003 and earlier), there were toolbars, and you could “float” those, and position them anywhere over the worksheet. You could also create custom toolbars, and add a few commands...

Customize Excel Context Menus 4

Customize Excel Context Menus

When you right-click in Excel, a pop-up menu appears, with a list of commands that you can use. The list changes, depending on where you’ve clicked, so it’s called a “Context Menu”. But, even...

Resize Excel Comments With Macro 1

Resize Excel Comments With Macro

Occasionally, for reasons unknown to anyone other than the centuries-old trolls who live in underground tunnels at Microsoft, Excel comments resize themselves. They get really wide, or narrow, and become almost impossible to read.