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Excel Roundup 20160104

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday break! It’s taking most of my brain power to type 2016, instead of 2015, so this will be a short roundup, to get things rolling...

Excel Roundup 2

Excel Roundup 20151130

In this week’s roundup, prevent errors, break links, register for an Excel summit, download an Advent calendar, and more. And it’s Cyber Monday, so my Pivot Power Premium add-in is 20% off, until the...

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Excel Roundup 20151123

In this week’s roundup, get file creation dates, plan for Thanksgiving, create icons with number formatting, and much more.

15 Years of Excel Tips – How Old Are Your Files? 12

15 Years of Excel Tips

The Internet says that 15 years ago this month, I started my Contextures Excel Tips website. And since the Internet is never wrong, it must be true! The dates are a little hazy, because...