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How to Organize Your Excel Files 2

How to Organize Your Excel Files

Are your Excel files carefully organized, so you can find what you need in a few seconds? Or, are things messy, and it takes a miracle to find anything later? If that’s the case,...

Close All Your Excel Files 6

Quickly Close All Your Excel Files

First, I’ve got two quick announcements, and then there’s a handy Excel trick for you. Are you ready for Spreadsheet Day 2016? Quick, close all your Excel files, and bake a cake!

contextures blog theme update 8

Contextures Blog Update

After having all kinds of problems on the blog last week, I’ve installed a new theme. Everything looks different, including the header image. It’s a photo that I took on a vacation, and the...

Excel sing-along 4

Excel Sing Along

It was a busy and stressful week, with all kinds of computer fun – plugin updates that killed my blog, a touchpad that refused to turn off, all my Outlook contacts disappearing into the...


Excel Problems, Fixes and Webinars

Did you get hit by the disappearing Excel add-in affliction recently? After a long couple of weeks, that frustrating Excel problem is finally solved. After spending countless hours on that issue (details below), I...

Numbers Change to Dates in Excel 2

Numbers Change to Dates in Excel

Have you ever copied football scores, such as 3-2, and pasted them into Excel, where they magically transform into dates? It’s certainly annoying when a nice list of numbers change to dates in Excel,...

Excel Roundup 0

Excel Roundup 20160321

In this week’s roundup, Data Analysis, Power BI, combining functions, and more Excel tips. NOTE: There won’t be an Excel Roundup next week (March 28th), due to the Easter Monday holiday.

Excel Roundup 0

Excel Roundup 20160314

Happy Pi Day! In this week’s roundup, troubleshoot large Excel files, free webinars, reporting tips, and much more.