Excel Roundup 20140421

advanced excel reporting

Last week, Microsoft’s Excel team announced several welcome improvements to Excel online. The new feature that I like best is that you can now edit files that contain VBA, without the code being removed or corrupted. Of course, it would be even better to use VBA online, but we’re making progress!

Other new features include:

Hiding and unhiding rows and columns with a right-click Easier access to Excel Online –  just go to http://office.com and click the type of document you want to create Add, remove and edit comments Navigate quickly with the Go To shortcut (Ctrl + G)

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Excel Roundup 20140414

check totals in calculator

Mike Alexander is having a contest on his Bacon Bits blog – create an Excel meme, and you have a chance to win a couple of Mike’s books. The deadline is April 16th, and the rules are on Mike’s blog.

If you aren’t sure what a meme is, Wikipedia describes it as an idea or picture that is shared on the internet. Mike posted a couple of examples on his blog, and here is my contribution. I’m sure you’ve met someone like this guy!

I made this in Excel, using the Insert Online Pictures command, and the text in WordArt.

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Excel Roundup 20140407

Excel dashboards for dummies

Last Friday, Microsoft’s Excel team hosted an AMA on Reddit, where anyone could submit a question about Excel. You can read all the questions and replies at this link.

It looks like the event went very well, so they might host another one sometime in the future. What would you ask the Excel team, if you had the chance? Think of your questions now, so you’ll be ready for the next opportunity.

Here’s one of the questions, and an answer by program manager, Ben Rampson:

Q:  Do you guys ever see a use for Excel that you didnt even think

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Change Single Column List to 2 Column Table

clean up imported list

On the weekend, I copied a list of blog names and URLs into Excel. On the website that I copied it from, the list was in 2 columns, but it pasted into a single column in Excel.

Having everything mixed together in one column wasn’t going to be very helpful, so here’s how I put it back into 2 columns. If you have a different solution, please let me know in the comments. Maybe there’s an even easier way to do this.

Add Headings and IDs

I wanted the site names in one column, and the URLs in another.

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Excel Roundup 20140331

Excel for iPad

Last week, three Office apps were released for the iPad – Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Have you downloaded any of the apps, and tried using them?

If you’re not sure whether to download them, you can read Ed Bott’s review of the new apps – he’s quite impressed by them. Bill Jelen (Mr. Excel) also reviewed the Excel app, and you can see his report here. Bill lists what’s in the apps, and what’s missing.

In the video below, there is a short interview with Han-Yi Shaw, head of Microsoft’s Office Design Studio. For more details, click here to read

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Least Informative Excel Message Ever

I’ve seen some confusing Error messages while working in Excel, and some rather cryptic ones. But yesterday, I saw the least helpful message ever, while working with a pivot table in Excel 2013.

The message was spread across the entire screen, and all it showed was the yellow warning symbol. I guess Excel was speechless, due to my bad behaviour.

Have you seen any useless messages in Excel? Or is it just me?

Don’t Move the Field

What had I done, to deserve this silent treatment? I was writing a post for my Pivot Table blog, about calculated items

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