Author: Debra Dalgleish

Do You Still Need Excel Subtotals? 2

Do You Still Need Excel Subtotals?

Excel has a SUBTOTAL function, which ignores hidden or filtered rows. There is a Subtotal feature too, that quickly groups your data, and adds one or more rows of subtotals. Do we still need...

Create a Tartan Pattern in Excel 2

Create a Tartan Pattern in Excel

Suddenly, it’s November, and it’s time to plan what you’ll wear on St. Andrew’s Day (November 30th). He is the patron saint of Scotland (and other countries), so of course you’ll need a kilt,...

Excel Lookup Formula Challenge 8

Excel Lookup Formula Challenge 20171026

Here’s an Excel Lookup Formula challenge to get your brain fired up. Can you solve it without doing a Google search? The problem details are shown below, and you can download the sample workbook....

Quick Trick to Add or Move Pivot Table Fields 0

Quick Trick to Add or Move Pivot Table Fields

We’re still recovering from Tuesday’s Spreadsheet Day celebrations, so we’ll keep it simple today. Here’s a quick trick to add or move pivot table fields, just by typing. Watch the really short video, and...

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2017 0

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2017

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2017! You’ve been waiting all year for this special day to arrive, I’m sure, so what will you do to celebrate today?

Multiple Copies of Pivot Table 0

Multiple Copies of Pivot Table Sheet

If you need to make a quick report, Excel has a built-in command that makes multiple copies of pivot table – one for each item in a Report Filter. See how that feature works,...

Excel Hyperlinks Run Command 1

Excel Hyperlinks Run Command Files

You can use Excel hyperlinks to navigate through a workbook, go to web pages, open other Excel files, and even open PDF files. However, if you try to use an Excel hyperlink to run...

early versions of Excel 3

Looking Back at Early Versions of Excel

While clearing some of the boxes in the basement, I found a stack of old MacUser and MacWorld magazines. A couple of issues had articles on early versions of Excel (it started on the...