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It's only a few days until Christmas, so it's time to give yourself a gift! Take advantage of the slow time at work, and start the new year with advanced Excel training, to upgrade your skills. I've selected a bundle of 3 courses from the Excel with Business website, and you can get lifetime access to all 3 courses at a deeply discounted price.

Advanced Excel Training

Here are the 3 courses that I selected -- these courses are for intermediate and advanced Excel users only. They have many courses for beginners too, but I knew that you wouldn't be interested in those.

  • Advanced Excel
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Business Analysis

Click here to see the Excel Master bundle details.

NOTE: I had time to go through some of the Advanced Excel training material, and my review is below.

Lifetime Access

Usually, you would get one year of access to the training, but you'll get lifetime access to the 3 courses, if you get this bundle. So, you can do all three courses now, or space out your training – you won't have to worry about time running out.

Later, if you want to review some of the material, just log in again, and refresh your memory. It will be a great resource when you're starting new Excel projects at work!

The Company

Before I agreed to let you know about their courses, I looked into the Excel with Business company. How long had they been around, and what is their reputation? Are their courses popular, and what do the students have to say about them?

The company started in 2009, which is a long time, especially in Internet years! The founders wanted to create Excel training that was business-focused, rather than just explaining how the features work.

That was a good decision, because their first course had over 100K users! Since then, they've added more courses, and their library has more than 50 courses, covering Excel, other Microsoft applications, and business training.

The courses get great reviews too – you can see the ratings and student comments about Excel with Business, at the bottom of the course pages.

The Instructors

It's important to have highly-qualified instructors too, and here's some info on the experts leading the advanced Excel training courses that I picked for our Excel Master bundle.

  • Advanced Excel is led by Simon Hurst, whose name I recognized instantly. He's a Chartered Accountant in the UK, who has led Excel training for more than 20 years, and I've read many of his online articles. Simon has a talent for explaining complex topics in a clear and simple way.
  • For Business Analysis, Harold Graycar is the instructor. He has degrees in engineering and computer science, and an extensive business background. He has used Excel since it was first launched, and has developed several Excel modelling tools for financial  and other business applications.
  • The Data Science course is led by Dr. Chris Littlewood, who is one of the founders of Excel with Business. He has degrees in physics and maths from Oxford and Cambridge, and many years of business experience in analysis and strategy development. He developed the filtering algorithm that lets you customize your training material – I'll tell you more about that in the course review, below.

Advanced Excel Course

I also wanted to see the courses, before recommending them to you. I've had time to go through some of the Advanced Excel course, and here's what I liked about it, and a couple of things that I'd do differently.

Course Dashboard

When you first log in to the Advanced Excel course, you'll see a dashboard. It has a list of topics, and a bar chart over the section titles gives you a quick view of how long each section takes, and how much you have completed.


Course Filter

At the top right, there is a "Take Filter" button, and that helps you customize the course material.

Click the button, and "The Filter" guides you through a few questions. That personalizes the training, by filtering out the content that you already know, or don't need to know. For example, you can choose the level of knowledge that you need – anything from "know just the basics" to "be a complete master".

You could start with the basics, then come back later, to get to the "master" level. That's an advantage of the lifetime access that you'll get with this bundle.


Skills Test

For the next step in the filter, there is a 15-minute skills test, with 15 compulsory questions and 15 optional questions. Don't worry about taking the test – it's designed to see where your skills are now, and to customize your course material.

But, if you really don't like tests, you can click the "I'm a beginner, skip the test" button.


I went through the 15 compulsory questions, and then it showed my score. A couple of the questions were a bit confusing, like the first one, that listed "All the Above" as the second option. Hmmm.

But, it was interesting to take the test, and to see my results. At the end, a grid was displayed, showing the lessons that have been filtered out of my advanced Excel training plan.


Start the Course

After you complete the filter, you can begin the lessons in the course. There is a Start Course button at the top right, so click that to get started.

Once you're in the course content, it's easy to go to any other module. At the left, there is a grid that represents all the section modules.

  • Point to any box in the grid, to see its title
  • Click on any box, to go to that module.

The grid is coloured coded too, which makes it even easier to navigate:

  • Grey boxes are filtered out
  • White boxes are to be done
  • Checked boxes are completed
  • Green box is your current module

This is great, if you're like me, and you like to jump around a bit, rather than going step by step through the lessons.


Course Content

I went through a few of the Advanced Excel modules, to review the content, and the presentation style. The course is divided into 6 sections. Each section has several units, and there are multiple modules within each unit.

The last module in each Unit is an Exercise, where you can download an Excel file, to review the skills that you learned.

For example, here is Section 4 – Spreadsheet Impact. It has 4 units, and the unit on Sparklines has 3 modules.


Course Modules

Each lesson module has 3 parts:

  • The modules starts with a Concept statement, to help you understand what will be included in the module.
  • Next, there is a Method section, with written descriptions and screen shots, to explain the module's topic. In the Method section, there were usually videos too, that demonstrated the techniques.
  • Finally, there is a Knowledge Check section at the end, with one or more questions about the material.

In the Exercise module, there is an Action section, where you can download the sample file. Below that, there are 3 boxes, where you can mark the unit complete.

  • This was useful
  • I knew this already
  • This was not relevant

Your selections must be stored, as part of the filtering algorithm.

Advanced Excel Review

After reviewing the Advanced Excel course, I can highly recommend it. The course is a great investment, especially with the lifetime access, and discounted price that you'll get in this Excel Master Course Bundle.

After completing the Advanced Excel course, and doing all the lessons and practice exercises, you'll be ready to tackle new challenges at work, or for your personal Excel projects.

Here are some of the pros and cons that I found, and a warning!

  • Excellent course content and instructor
  • Filter tool removes unnecessary content from your course plan
  • Modules have written instructions, screen shots, videos, and quizzes, so there is something to suit many different learning styles.
  • Wide range of advanced Excel topics
  • Examples show how to apply the techniques in your business projects
  • Sample files help you review the material from each Unit
  • There were a few spots where I wished for more details, but it's understandable that not every topic can be given extensive coverage
  • The grid popups don't include section or unit titles, just module names, such as "Introduction". For ambiguous titles, you can point to adjacent blocks to see their names.
  • The Filter removes unnecessary material, but some of that might be of interest to you. Take a quick look at the filtered out modules, to see what's covered in them
  • Section and Unit links appear at the top of each module, but disappear when you scroll down – it would help to have those locked in view
  • The Start Course button took me to Section 5, instead of Section 2, where I expected to start. That was confusing, but the grid made it easy to select an earlier module
  • There were short pauses in some videos, that could have been edited out
  • As the course title indicates, this is advanced Excel training. Unless you already have intermediate Excel skills, the course could be overwhelming. Start with the Basic Excel course or Intermediate Excel course instead, and then get advanced Excel training later.
  • It's not magic! Be sure to download the sample files too, and do the reviews, to reinforce what you've learned. The material is designed to take you to the advanced level in Excel, so you'll have to do some work to achieve that goal – you won't magically become an expert, if you just skim through the lessons.

Get the Contextures Excel Master Bundle

To learn more about the Excel Master bundle, or to sign up for the courses, click this link, or click the picture below. Remember, you will have Lifetime Access to all 3 courses, and the price is deeply discounted.

Get 2018 off to a great start, with a new set of Excel skills!



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    Thanks for the blog & recommendations. Keep up the good work.
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  2. Simon Hurst says:

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    I’m really glad you liked the Advanced Excel course, and many thanks for your kind comments.

    Happy New Year

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