When Did You Start Using Excel?

Next Wednesday is the 30th anniversary of Excel's first release, and I'd love to hear your Excel memories, and share them here next week. The more the merrier, so please take a few minutes to jot down a few memories.

Here are some questions, to help you get started:

  • Do you remember when you started using Excel? Maybe it was last week, or decades ago.
  • Was it your first spreadsheet, or did you switch from a different program?
  • Did you dive right in, or were you reluctant to get started?
  • What projects were you working on – something at the office, or home/school projects?
  • What else do you remember?

Please send me an email with your story, by Monday Sept. 28th, so I can include it. A couple of sentences will be fine, and send more than that if you're willing to!

Don't Be Shy

I want to hear from you – yes, YOU. Share your memories, even if you don't usually comment. The Excel 30th Anniversary collection will be more fun if lots of people contribute.

When you send your story, please let me know:

  • What name or nickname you'd like included, or if you want to be Anonymous.
  • (optional) What link you'd like included (to your site or LinkedIn, or somewhere else)

Long Time Excel Users

I know that you have stories, and lots of Excel memories. When I did a survey in March 2010, almost half of the 80 respondents had used Excel for 16 years or more. And now all of those respondents have another 5 years of Excel experience!

Here are the results from that 2010 poll.


Send Your Excel Stories

I look forward to hearing from you, so please send me an email with your story, so I can include it in next week's blog post.

Please send your story by next Monday, September 28th, so I can get the blog post finished and uploaded in time for the anniversary.


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