Add Your Own Icon to an Excel Custom Ribbon Tab

Are you building custom tabs for your workbooks yet? Last year, I wrote a couple of articles about custom tabs:

In the screen shot below, you can see the custom tab that appears on the Ribbon when the Order Form workbook opens. The buttons make it easy to clear the data entry cells, and print a completed order form.


Create an Icon

Today, you’ll see how to create your own icon, instead of using the built-in ones. You don’t need any artistic skills to create a simple icon, as you can tell from my screen shot below.


For this tutorial I used the Arrow tool in MS Paint, to create a “Home” button. Usually though, I draw them in Excel, then take a screen shot using Snagit. Yes, Excel is good for almost everything!


Add a Button

After you’ve created your icon masterpiece, you can use the Custom UI Editor tool to modify the Ribbon code, and insert the icon image.


The button will run a macro, “GoOrder”,  that activates the Order sheet in the workbook. This is the new section in the XML code, to show the new button.


Video: Add Your Own Icon to the Ribbon

Watch this short video, to see the steps for adding your own custom icon to a tab in the Ribbon.

Download the Sample File

To see how the custom icon is set up, you can visit the Add a Custom Tab page on my Contextures site. There are detailed written instructions for creating a custom tab, and adding your own icon to a button. You can also download the sample file, to help you get started.


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4 Responses

  1. James says:

    Hi Debra,

    Thanks a lot for this Post.

    Even if it must be done with a lot of caution, is there a way to temporarily hide a specific built-in button ?

    For example, to prevent a user from ruining a “sensitive” Pivot Table ? thus only allowing the Refresh from the Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate() event …

  2. James says:


    Just for the sake of documentation (for future readers…)

    All credit for the solution must go to Andy Pope !!!

    Extremely hAndy !!!

  3. James says:

    Hi again,

    Have noticed the Code did not appear in my previous post …
    As I said, All credit goes to Andy Pope !!!

    Extremely hAndy !!!

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