Summer Schedule 2014

Happy Summer! I hope you’re enjoying fabulous weather, and you get away from your Excel workbooks occasionally.

The posting schedule will be a bit lighter here at Contextures, over the summer months. That way, you can go on vacation, and not miss anything!

Summer Schedule

Don’t worry though – you’ll still find plenty of Excel information, to keep you up to date. Here is the posting schedule:

Enjoy the summer! I’ll be on the back porch occasionally, watching the flowers grow. The roses are blooming this week.


Schedule in Embedded Excel File

Here is the schedule, colour-coded, in an embedded Excel file. This might not appear correctly in all web browsers.


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5 Responses

  1. Doug Glancy says:

    Sheesh, what a slacker!

    I was curious if you’ve had any luck with your server issues.

    • Thanks Doug! It’s nice to be a slacker occasionally.
      So far, the blog seems to be doing better. There was one brief downtime, but that was due to a router problem at the server site.
      I’m using W3 Total Cache, and keeping most of the plugins turned off, for now.

  2. AlexJ says:

    Don’t forget the SPF 2013! We wouldn’t want you to get a sunburn on your pivot tables.

  3. Jim Rogers says:

    Doing a personal golf sheet with multiple courses. Having trouble looking up the coarse and tee colour to set the hole pars to calculate the number of pars, bogies, etc. in the summary and to calculate the handicap using last 10 games. Also should add either the Handicap for each hole and the slope/rating for each tee colour in each course. I presume it would be within an If statement to match the course name, then tee colour then the the par within the calculations for the summary. I’m retired, so have forgotten most functions, etc.

    In Cranbrook area, 8-18 hole courses and 2-9 holers. I will be playing a few other courses as well.

    I began with your (Debra Dalgleish’s) GolfScore spreadsheet.

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