Excel Chart Utility Giveaway

On Thursday, June 12th, Jon Peltier is releasing the Advanced version of his Excel Chart Utility. If you make charts in Excel, keep reading, to see what the chart utility does, and how you can win a copy of your own.


What’s New in the Advanced Chart Utility?

The Standard Chart Utility is a real time-saver, and includes several custom charts, including the popular Waterfall, Cluster-Stack, and Box and Whisker charts.

The Advanced Edition will include all of those features, plus:

  • a few more variations on waterfall charts,
  • a Diverging Stacked Bar Chart, useful for plotting survey results,
  • Histograms (two types) and Pareto Diagrams
  • and Cycle Plots.

Charting Tools Too

The Standard Chart Utility has other charting tools too:

  • functions that easily edit the series formula,
  • handle labeling of series so the legend isn’t needed,
  • opening the folder in which the active sheet is stored,
  • and exporting a chart as an image file

In addition to those tools, the Advanced Edition can also:

  • export a range as an image file
  • export one or more charts into PowerPoint or Word in several formats
  • and switch various X and Y aspects of a chart (data, axis scales, and/or axis titles).

Enter the Giveaway

Jon Peltier has kindly provided a copy of his new Advanced Excel Chart Utility for this giveaway. If you’d like a chance to win this awesome add-in, make a comment below.

  • In your comment, tell us why you need the Advanced Chart Utility.
  • Include your email address, so Jon or I can contact you if you win. Your contact information won’t be publicly visible, and it won’t be used for any other mailings.
  • The deadline is Wednesday, June 11th, at 5 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.
  • One entry per person.
  • The winners will be selected as described below, and announced here on Thursday, June 12th.
  • The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize, and if not claimed, another name will be selected.

One Grand Prize – Advanced Charting Utility by PeltierTech

  • I’ll choose 3 of the comments that I like best – so do your best to explain why you want the utility!
  • From those top 3 comments, I’ll make a random draw for the grand prize winner.

2 Runner-Up Prizes – Contextures Product of Your Choice

  • The other two people from the top 3 comments will get a runner up prize. They can each select any one of my Contextures products, such as my PivotPower Premium add-in.

One Random Prize – Contextures Product of Your Choice

Good luck, and remember, the entry deadline is Wednesday, June 11th, at 5 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.

Click here for more information on the PeltierTech Excel Chart Utility.


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22 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    I need Jon’s Advanced Chart Utility for several reasons. Some of them aren’t very good—like being an Excel junkie and a poorly paid public servant (who needs all the freebies I can get). However, other reasons are better—like starting a new job on July 1 that will support K – 12 educators in WA to use data effectively…and the fact that our current data display interface is junk. While Jon’s utility won’t fix what ails that, it would go a long way toward showing teachers and principals how to create meaningful representations that affect the decisions made on behalf of schools and students. It’s for the kids. Isn’t that the best reason of all?

  2. wayne says:

    I am working in the major projects enviroment so it is critically important to constantly be on top of various measures such as project spend, forecasting to completion, schedule percentages, reporting on various sub packages, procurement packages progress in terms of number of packages processed, spend to date, funds remaining and so on. What better way to present this type of information that graphically. Graphs give an immendiate view of status, and can show trends, either good or concerning. Once the graphical view is presented, one then has the option of diving into the detail in problem areas. A utlity which provides assistance in this manner will greatly enhance the presentation of this info, reduce time spent on presenting, and add value to the output.

  3. Pete says:

    I need the Advanced Chart Utility to fulfill my Excel Addict Habit, as well as help me create beautiful dashboards to support the Program Management of my employer. This will also help me evangelize the power and usefulness of Excel and provide an additional tool to help teach Excel skills to those in need of them.

  4. JoAnn Paules says:

    I am the biggest Excel geek in this part of Pennsylvania but I have so much more to learn. My reason for wanting Jon’s Advanced Chart Utility is because my company is going through massive lay-offs. I am one of four support specialists in my group – and I have low seniority (6 yrs compared to 15+). Our managers have been asked to list their admin’s special skill set. I am trying to use my work product to justify my continued employment. My manager and his manager both use a lot of charts to show various metrics. Jon’s utility could give me an edge over the other three support specialists.

  5. Fred Newtz says:

    It is my responsibility as IT project manager to constantly provide proof of my hypotheses. Projects such as speeding intranet connectivity by uprgrading to 1gb switches is one example. The use of charts can show superiors the effecacies or unworthiness of any given project. As we are all aware, words describing results are good but can be overused and verbose. Charts accompanied by descriptive steps are quick reference displays that provide concise and detailed reasoned arguments.

  6. jimmm says:

    In City government, we make good use of such products as SPSS, ESRI and Tableau. Very often in our work, when we are extremely pressed for time (never mind resources, aka enough help and enough $$$!), we think of a display, chart or other visualization that would be perfect for the information that we are trying to convey. But…there’s no time to produce it, never mind refine it, and so it doesn’t happen. Having this utility would pave the way for much-improved presentations and reports, to say the least!

  7. P.J. says:

    Why do I need Jon’s Advanced Excel Chart Utility? I like to fancy myself an “analytics artist”. A person who enjoys transforming raw data into pictures into a compelling story. Jon’s utility would allow me to take my excel artistry to new levels while continuing to do more with less. On a more selfish note, it would also make me look like a real Excel Badass!

    Thanks for listening. :-)


  8. Heather says:

    As many of the others have already posted – I’m an unapologetic Excel nerd/geek/addict/fan and that is the most honest reason that I would like a copy of the chart utility.

    The second reason is that I have been building more and more dashboards, and I would like to explore some different chart techniques to see what type of enhancement they offer in the data.

    My third reason – I did already mention being addicted to Excel, right?

  9. Damon Edmondson says:

    I need the utilities to provide me a wedge, a new tool, to explain data and aid in its visualization. By demonstrating the value with this give away, I can use that as a way to sell my company on the idea of purchasing more licensed versions for other employees in the company.

  10. Alessandro says:

    I need it to make the Excel dashboard I built sparkle!

  11. Joe Adams says:

    I have been an admirer of Jon for many years. His has many innovative techniques which I have used over the years, especially his normal probability plotting routines. I would enjoy Jon’s Advanced Chart Utility to understand and incorporate in my consulting work. I also wish to share Jon’s expertise with all Excel users by showing them his routines (utilities).

  12. CR says:

    As the lone finance and accounting individual in my company, spending hours trying to get a chart “just right” isn’t feasible. Case in point, it took me a couple hours to find a good template for a waterfall chart, manipulate it properly, and use it on the company financial dashboard. This tool will help me leave the office by 7PM! I love using good visuals in presenting our data to the rest of the team. It helps us to spot trends previously not noticed, get a good feel for our company’s financials, and helps the “non-numbers” guys understand the data.

  13. Trouttrap2 says:

    Excel junkie…that’s me. In my office, I often find 3D pie charts, spaghetti graphs, and other obfuscating charting nightmares presented at Board meetings which are eventually displayed proudly on office walls. Despite my efforts, even now, I have bosses that still want the 3D pie chart, and it’s my job to continue the charge and show them a better way – a descriptive way – the Peltier and Contextures way. I need to convince the bosses that simple is better. With the aid of this utility, I can do that and avoid all the workarounds and spend my remaining time convincing the bosses that a bar chart is more appropriate than the 3D pie chart. I tip my hat to Contextures and Peltier Tech because you are the point of the sword, the edge of the knife in my efforts to defeat the chart junk enemy.

  14. LJ says:

    Having discovered Debra’s brilliant website and purchased Pivot Power Premium it is on my daily reading list.
    I use Waterfall and Cascade Charts in my Job every day and have been saving to buy Jon’s Utility to make my work more efficient.
    I shall purchase a copy of advanced regardless but if successful will use an additional copy to help my team understand the power of good charting in business decision making and in a practical way spread the word about Jon’s excellent utility.
    Good Luck with the launch.

  15. David says:

    I need the chart utitilty so that I can use Excel more often to chart complex visualizations instead of using Tableau most of the time.

  16. Andy Sinha says:

    Sifting Information out of the Data Ocean. The distinction between Data and Information does not lie in the content of the numbers. It lies more in it’s relationship to the required decision. I would like Jon’s Chart Utility because it will help me and my bosses distinguish between a Data Bank, a Data Chart and a Information System, a Clean, Clear Insightful Chart. A Chart that helps make Decisions Simply Better !

  17. Eric says:

    I’m going through a master’s degree program in Data Analytics. My instructors think that Excel is not capable of providing lovely graphics but that I need to use R and packages like ggplot2 instead. I need Jon’s excellent utility to show these non-believers the power of Excel!

  18. Meg Martin says:

    I was excited for all the possibilities when my company upgraded to Office 365 this year – but Security policy dictates that we’re not able to use apps or power pivot. So basically, I’m still living in 2007 at work. If I had John Peltier’s charting utility, I could fly my analytical nerd flag the way it was MEANT to – loud, proud and above the crowd!
    Thanks for your blog. I find answers here so often, and sometimes a little sanity to boot.

  19. Steve C says:

    Hi Debra: I am fascinated by the waterfall charts, they are such a great way to tell a story and show favorable and unfavorable variances in a clear and concise manner. I must say though that I am overwhelmed at the thought of even attempting to put one together. Jon’s charting blogs and tips at Peltier Tech are extremely helpful and well written, so I know that this utility will be top notch. By the way, I found out about your contextures site thru the podcast you did with Chandoo, and I absolutely love it. I’m also a huge fan of pivottables.com. A special thanks to you and Jon for sharing your passion for Excel with other passionate users like myself !! Thanks, Steve

  20. Andrea says:

    There are so many good comments here, and i feel like many of these folks deserve the utility more than I do, if it would help them stand out in their jobs and avoid layoffs! So pick them first. I could simply use the utility to help me develop better charts for my analysis, shave time off the creation and modification of these charts (and boy, do I like to tinker), and work faster and smarter. I got Jon’s book about PowerPivot and am halfway through it, that is my next step to tackle taking my analysis to the next level. I live in Pivot tables, so I really, really could use that PivotPower add-in to help me format them faster!! Thanks Debra.

  21. Tonya C says:

    I NEED the advanced chart utility because, like everyone here, I’m an excel freak!

    On top of that, I need the advanced chart utility to help the new business I’m starting to become successful so I can help others be successful too. See, this chart utility can change the world for the better…or, at least, it can help a fledgling business have a better chance in the world!

  22. Thanks for your comments, and the giveaway deadline has passed. The winners will be announced in a blog post tomorrow, Thursday, June. 12, 2014.