Canadian MVP Day 2014

Last Friday, I was invited to attend the MVP Open Day  at the Microsoft Canada headquarters. We had a full day of meetings, and I presented a couple of sessions about Excel.

That lovely pink pen was made for me by Anthony LoBello, as a thanks for some Excel help. It’s a good idea to bring a distinctive pen to meetings, so nobody tries to wander off with it.

mvp canada day 01

In the Meeting Room

We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to attend the meeting, but there was a leak at our table, as you can see below.

mvp canada day 02

There were about 100 MVPs in attendance, based on my highly scientific rough estimate, and a few more people who joined the meeting online.

mvp canada day 03

We all got a MVP Canada sweatshirt, and everyone got the same number – 14. That should confuse our opponents, if we play in the big game!

mvp canada day 04

There were 4 Excel MVPs there, and it was great to see everyone. He here is a picture of me, with Eduardo Pineiro.

mvp canada day 05

My Excel Presentations

I did presentations on “Excel 2013 Tips”, and “Excel Tables and Pivot Tables”.

One of the Excel tips that I shared was showing a total for the visible rows only – using the SUBTOTAL function. Most people didn’t realize that if you filter the list first, then click the AutoSum button, a SUBTOTAL function is inserted, instead of a SUM function.

Do you ever use that trick? There are more SUM and SUBTOTAL tips on my website: Sum Cells in Excel

filtered list subtotal


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6 Responses

  1. sai babu says:

    Hi Debra,

    Please find a soultion for following issue please,

    i am searching for only one workbook in a screen vba very badly. ( total no. of workbooks opened = one)

    Because of excel vba run from another workbook will pull all details from existing workbook ( book2 is open and we will pull details from Book1 by using code as ” Sheets(“sheet1″).Cells.Copy ” to other book.

    To avoid the above instance,

    Kindly help me in this regard.

  2. sai babu says:

    I’m sorry if I send this on different blog. please

  3. sai babu says:


    I’m asking about a single workbook in a session and if user opens another workbook / excel file, the other one will close or newly added / opened one should close or,

    not able to open any other book other than very first opened workbook in excel,

    Please kinly help me in this regard.

    – Sai babu

  4. Ken Puls says:

    Damn… now I really wish I could have made it out! Would have been nice to see you and Eduardo again, as well as meet the other two. :)

  5. sai babu says:

    Hi Debra,

    Once again thanks.


    Hi Ken Plus,

    I think You are trying to give the best solution for my query,

    Please, kindly provide a macro to disable run macros from other workbooks and run only the existing workbook.

    THis will help and make excel VB into great package.

    -sai babu

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