Excel UserForm with Dependent Combo Boxes

In an Excel UserForm, you can add combo boxes to make data entry easier. The UserForm in this example is used to enter parts information onto a hidden inventory sheet.

Before selecting a Part ID, you have to select a Part Type. When the Part Type combo box is updated, code runs, and creates a list of parts, for the selected part type.


How It Works

In the background, an Advanced Filter runs, to create a worksheet list of parts for the selected part type.

That list is set up as a named range, and the range name is used as the Part ID combo box row source.

Watch the Video

To see how the dependent combo boxes work, please watch this short video tutorial.


Download the Sample File

To test the dependent combo boxes on the UserForm, and to see the code, you can visit my Contextures website, and download the sample file.


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