PivotPower Premium Excel Add-in

Do you use the free PivotPower add-in that's available on my Contextures website? I created PivotPower to make my own work easier to do, and shared it on my website to help you with your pivot table tasks.

It automates some of the features that aren't built in to an Excel pivot table, and makes some of the buried Excel pivot table features easier to access. For example, there is a command that changes all the data fields to SUM, which is handy when Excel defaults to COUNT.


PivotPower Premium Now Available

The free version is still available, and I've created a premium version, with more features.

You can store your pivot table default settings in the add-in, and then apply those settings to any pivot table, and the active sheet and workbook.

There's a list of the new features below, and one of my favourites is Currency SUM. It changes the selected field to the SUM function, formatted as currency.


Watch the PivotPower Premium Demo Video

To see a few of the new features in PivotPower Premium, you can watch this short video.

What's New in PivotPower Premium?

The following features have been added in PivotPower Premium  -- they are not in the free PivotPower add-in.

User Guide

  • Details on installing the add-in, and description of the commands


  • Column Width Autofit On
  • Column Width Autofit Off
  • Set Defaults
  • Apply Defaults

Number Formatting

  • Currency
  • Number - 2 decimals
  • Number - 0 decimals
  • Currency SUM
  • Number - 0 decimals COUNT

Pivot Items

  • Hide All (Blank) Items
  • Show All (Blank) Items

Pivot Fields

  • Include New Items
  • Clear All Fields
  • Field List A-Z
  • Field List Source Order

Grand Totals

  • Show All Totals and Subtotals
  • Hide All Totals and Subtotals


  • Create New Cache


  • Until September 30th, at 11:59 PM Eastern time, the password to the VBA project is included in the purchase. You'll be able to rearrange the menu, add your own macros, and see how the existing code works.
  • Starting October 1st, 2012, the password will be available as a separate purchase, for an additional $10 US, or buy the add-in and password together, for $18 total.
    • Note
      • No programming skills are need to use the PivotPower Premium add-in
      • You must be familiar with VBA in order to modify the code in this add-in.
      • Purchase does not include programming help for customizing the PivotPower Premium add-in.

Purchase the PivotPower Premium Add-in

To make your pivot table tasks easier, you can purchase the PivotPower Premium add-in, by clicking the Buy Now button below.

The price is $10 US, and you will receive instructions for downloading a zipped file that contains the Excel add-in, the User Guide, and your password (if purchased by 11:59 PM, Sept. 30, 2012).

If purchased on Oct. 1st, or later, the VBA password will be sold separately, for a $10 US fee.

  • Note: You must be familiar with VBA in order to modify the code in this add-in. Purchase does not include programming help for customizing the PivotPower Premium add-in.

If you previously purchased the password for the free PivotPower add-in, you can email me to request a free copy of PivotPower Premium.

Buy now -- $10


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8 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Debra. This would make a great Xmas compo prize.

  2. Phil says:

    Hi Debra, this is awesome. I’ll give the free version a shot and come back for the premium version later. When I hear pivot I always think “Debra” *ggg*

  3. Jaffey says:

    Loving the pivot power premium!! Debra, do you think it would be possible to tie some of my favourite commands to hot keys? Or perhaps link them to a button on the custom ribbon?

    • Thanks Jaffey, I’m glad you like it! After you unlock the VBA project, you should see the PivotPower Premium macros in the list, if you customize the Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon (Excel 2010).

      Also, you can click the Macros command on the Developer tab, and type a macro name in the box, then click Options, to create a shortcut key.

  4. Philippe BÉRARD says:

    Hello Debra,
    Just few words to congratulate you for your add’in very usefull and very instructive, as besides all your blog.
    My “dream” is to be able to set up a new userform allowing to manage number formats (decimals, right offset, currency symbol, zero display …), synthetis type (sum, count …) and also “graft” some of my own tools (eg extensible definition of the range with offset function …).
    A day will come …
    Best regards

  5. SHEHZAD says:

    =COUNTIF(C6:C25,C31:C50,C56:C67,”>” & C70)

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