Change Pivot Table Filter All Sheets or Active Sheet

In Excel 2010, you can use Slicers to change the filters in several pivot tables, with a single click.


If you don't have Excel 2010, or don't want to use Slicers, you can use programming to change multiple pivot table filters with a single click. Yes, it's more work than adding a Slicer, but better than manually changing all those pivot tables!

Change All Pivot Tables

Last December, I described how to add code to your workbook, so if you changed one pivot table filter, all the other pivot tables in the workbook would change too. Click here to read that article, and the comments: Change All Pivot Tables With One Selection

In those comments, people asked how to modify the code, so only the pivot tables on the active sheet were affected, or only a specific field was changed. In response to those comments, I've created a new version of the sample file.

Change All Pivot Tables or Active Sheet Only

The latest sample file for changing pivot table fields has 3 variations on the "Change All Page Fields" code, and it also changes the "Multiple Item Selection" settings to match changed page fields (Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 only).

The three variations are:

  1. Change any page field in a pivot table, and all matching page fields, on all sheets, are changed.
  2. Change any page field in a pivot table, and all matching page fields, on the active sheet only, are changed.
  3. Change a specific page field in a pivot table, and that page field, on the active sheet only, is changed.

Download the Sample File

To see the code, and try the variations, you can download the sample file from the Contextures website. The file will work in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, if you enable macros.

PT0027 - Change All Page Fields - All Sheets or Active Sheet

You can also download the other sample files, showing how to change a specific field, or all fields, in the workbook's pivot tables.


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16 Responses

  1. Doug Glancy says:

    Thanks for this. As I’ve commented before this code, in its various iterations, has been useful in my work. I’m generally an “All Sheets/All Fields” kind of guy.

    The This_Sheet_All_Fields code isn’t working as expected for me. It’s acting like All_Sheets_All_Fields. When I scan the code it looks the same for both sheets, particularly the line:
    For each ws in ThisWorkbook.Worksheets

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for your example sheets Debra, they are great. I have used the code from
    PT0016 – Change Page Fields With Cell Dropdown
    and seen it quoted a lot on various posts online. I want to have 2 or 3 different drop-down lists, so defined a strfield2 and tried just replicating the section starting
    If Target.Address = … to the end if
    It doesn’t give an error, but doesn’t work consistently, so I’m guessing that isn’t a good approach. I’m not hugely VBA experienced, but I imagine there is a simple way to expand that code to another target and would really appreciate what I hope is very quick guidance!
    Note that I am making workbooks for users with older versions of Excel (back to 2002), so newer features are not an option.

  3. Jane says:

    I think I may have solved it just by moving the
    For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
    For Each pt In ws.PivotTables
    before the
    If Target.Address = Range(“D2”).Address Then
    rather than after, and then have more than one set of If commands.
    If there is a better solution, I’m still very happy to hear it.

  4. Paul says:

    Great bit of code a massive help thank you. I have 2 pivot tables and 2 pivot charts on one worksheet. I am using the This_Sheet_All_fields code PT0027. Is it possible to edit the code so that a field report selection change also changes those of the pivot charts?

    Many thanks

  5. Steve Brotz says:

    Thank you – as a newbie these tips of code example allow me to progress more quickly. Supported by your site and books, I’m moving forward. I use this code on a worksheet that that is made active by another macro that builds three pivot charts. The problem is that the worksheet is updating (flashing) when the main macro is building the page. If I rem out the page event “screenupdating” statements, the event procedure does not work. Is there a method to delay the page event for a set duration – allowing the main macro to build the page?

  6. Niall Coyne says:

    A big thanks for this, I was looking everywhere for something that does this and must have asked the right question in Google to eventually find this solution, which was exactly what I needed.

  7. David Y says:

    Thanks for this coding example! I am trying to use PT0025 to update a number of pivot tables/charts with like report filters in the same workbook. I found that a couple of the charts break if they are not on the active sheet when the filters are changed. They are charts with a secondary axis and/or two different chart types for different each different data series. It seems to reset the chart so that all data is the same type and on a single axis. Any idea if there is a way to prevent that reset from occurring when the filter is changed on another pivot?

  8. cujimmi says:

    Am very new to this and realise how poor my knowledge is. The above is great for pivot to pivot updating. My PivotTables don’t share the same data sources (meaning I can’t use Slicers). Is it possible to code a filter update and point it at a cell that is a formula that changes when a drop down validation box is selected in another sheet? Thanks for looking.

  9. Jeff Weir says:

    cujimmi: take a look at my routine at which should let you do what you need. It chains the Pivots together, and handles pivots on different caches.

  10. cujimmi says:

    thanks for your help, pointed me in the right direction. I have solved the problem in a different way as I can’t use slicers(multiple data sets that can’t be amalgamated into one). I attached a simple macro to my dropdown box, so when a different budget holder was selected that new budget holder was input into the pivot table selection field. The relevant line of code that works (I don’t know if it is efficient and is bound to be improved on).
    Sheets(“orders os”).PivotTables(1).PivotFields(“budget holder”).CurrentPage = Sheets(“M”).Range(“j24”).Text, where the pivot table sits on “orders os” and the updated budget holder on sheet “M” cell “j24”

    There is only one pivot the sheet “orders os” therefore (1) is OK, on sheet “M” I have used an index to produce the budget holders name at cell “j24”.

    I suspect that the line of code could be added to my worksheet calculate event to reduce the clutter, but at the moment it works.

  11. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the code – it’ saved me a lot of aggravation. I may be missing something very simple, but is there a reason why it won’t work for PTs on the same sheet when all cells are locked, the sheet is protected, but users have permission to use PivotTable reports? Thanks.

  12. Kendra says:

    Hi – we are working with a large Excel 2010 spreadsheet that uses the same data source over several tabs and all tabs have pivot tables that are intended to calculate different aspects of the data. Some sheets we want to calculate by quarters, others by half year, etc. The current issue is that when we change one filter, it changes all of the filters on all of the other tabs. I would love to use your “Change any page field in a pivot table, and all matching page fields, on the active sheet only” solution. The challenge is that while I *used* to be a power user of Excel, my focus has shifted over the past few years and I’m only smart enough to be dangerous about this solution at this point. =) I opened the code for this macro in the VBA window, but what do I do next? Do I copy it into the “ThisWorkbook” macro window of my workbook? Sorry to ask such a basic question! So frustrating that I can’t remember. =( Thanks in advance for the help!

  13. cujimmi says:

    Andrews query, sorry I am not sufficiently clever to answer that, however, I suspect the relationship I created is a one to one and won’t work with multiple tables.

    Kendra query, yes you would copy in the relevant workbook. However, I suspect a better solution would be to use powerpivot.

    Hope that helps.

  14. Heinz says:

    Hi – after hours of searching I’ve found this blog and PT0027 to update all Pivot tables with change of one Pivot field. It works perfect, tx but with one exception. It doesn*t work if the Pivot field has date format. Any change to get an update? I really would need this function because all my Pivot tables have a date field as filter.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

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