Add Line Break in Excel Formula

It's easy to add a line break when you're typing in an Excel worksheet. Just click where you want the line break, and press Alt + Enter.


When you press the Enter key to complete the formula, the line break appears, and Wrap Text is automatically added to the cell. You might have to adjust the column width though, because the text won't flow into the next column.


Add a Line Break in a Formula

It's not quite as easy to add a line break in a formula, but it's possible!

This formula shows text, and the sum of the values in C1:C6

="Total amount is: " & SUM(C1:C6)


To add a line break between the text and the total amount, you can use the Excel CHAR function, with the number 10. Use the & operator to join the line break character to the other text in the formula.

="Total amount is: " & CHAR(10) & SUM(C1:C6)


Turn on Wrap Text

After you add the line break, and press Enter, you might see a strange little box, where the line break should be.


The Wrap Text feature isn't automatically turned on, when you add a line break in a formula. You'll have to turn it on yourself.

Select the cell with the line break in the formula, and on the Ribbon's Home tab, click the Wrap Text command.


Then, you'll see the line break in the cell, instead of the little square.



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