Move Excel Listbox Items

To select specific items from a long list, you can create 2 listboxes on a worksheet. Then, use arrow buttons to move all the items from one list to the other, or move selected items only.


Read the Detailed Instructions

Thanks to Dave Peterson, who sent me the instructions and sample code for moving listbox items. To see how this technique works, and get Dave's sample code, visit the Excel VBA Move Listbox Items page on the Contextures website.

Download the Move Listbox Items Sample File

To see the code, and test the Listbox move items code, you can download the Listbox Move Items sample workbook. The file is in Excel 2007 format, and is zipped. It contains macros, so enable them if you want to test the code.

Watch the Move Listbox Items Video

To see the steps to create the Listbox example, watch this Excel video tutorial.

Or watch the video on YouTube: Excel VBA Listbox Move Items


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3 Responses

  1. Contextures Blog » Move ListBox Items In Excel UserForm says:

    […] Move Excel Listbox Items […]

  2. G Hughes says:

    Can you explain to me what the Me. means in the “Excel VBA Move ListBox Items on UserForm” code example posted on your website? I’m a new programmer and usually use ‘ ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“Sheet1”) ‘. Is this a different way of expressing that line or is completely different altogether.
    I used the YouTube tutorial (listboxes on a worksheet) and the directions explain on the website; however, I cannot get the listboxes to populate. I even tried making a UserForm, but always opens the Debug window.
    Any ideas what I am doing wrong. I copied your code character by character, cut/paste, and then eyeballed it several times to see if I made an error. None of those methods are working.


  3. Michael says:

    Wow, I didnt know I could do that. But now I need to transfer the listbox items I just between the two LB’s to cells on another sheet. I’ll Explain. I Have The two listboxes (ListBoxEast ListBoxWest) The Named Range for the list box is SchoolsList, and I removed the MoveAll buttons, leaving only the move selected L/R (BTN_moveSelectedEast & BTN_moveSeletedWest). When the file opens, the ListBoxEast populates with the Named Range (SchoolsList) which is a list of schools that need to be sorted by region (east west). Once sorted (and here’s where I’m having difficulty)I need to have the items now in the East & West boxes transferred and saved to a preset range of cells for each designation that my formulas can draw from with the click of a button…..but I cannot extract the data.I’ve tried all that I know (which is limited),and I’m not admitting defeat, but my head hurts from all the banging against the wall… That sheet is named LISTS, and the cell ranges are EAST(A3:A32) & WEST (A34:A63).I Also dont want the selections to clear (or reset) automatically once sent to the formula sheet, rather have that option and opt for it by use of a command button. It is not for building a data base, but sorting criteria of student athletes which are grouped and than looked up by School. I appreciate any help that can be given.
    Thank you,


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