Set Up Golf Tee Times in Excel

golficon There's a Golf Tee Time Excel workbook on the Contextures site, that I've updated, to add a few new features. You'll list all the players, then assign groups of players to a selected tee time.

The new version has data validation in column C, which limits the selection to 4 names, and you can't mark a name that is already booked. The time selector only shows tee times that haven't been assigned.

Assign Golf Tee Times

On the MemberList sheet, you can enter a list of names in column B. Mark up to 4 names, by typing an X in column C.


Then, select a start time for the marked names. The drop down list only shows the available times. In the example below, the 8:20 AM time has been filled, so it's not in the drop down list.


Finally, click the Book Times button, to add the marked names to the selected time slot.


How the Tee Time Selector Works

When you click the Book Times button, a macro filters the marked names into a hidden column (H) on the MemberList sheet. The criteria range for the advanced filter is range F3:F4.


Then, those names are copied, and transposed onto the TeeOffTimes sheet, in the row that matches the selected time.


After pasting the names, the Mark column is cleared, so you can select the next group of names.

To start over, clear all the names from the TeeOffTimes sheet (green cells in the screen shot above).

Download the Sample File

To see the golf tee time workbook, and the time booking macro, you can download the Golf Tee Time Excel workbook. The file is in Excel 2003 format, and is zipped. It contains macros, so you'll need to enable macros to test the time booking feature in the sample file.


4 comments to Set Up Golf Tee Times in Excel

  • wayne

    How can this be ammended such that you cannot overwrite an existing tee off time? I noticed this does not check to see if the time slot has already been booked. If you accidently select the same time slot again it simply replaces the existing booking without any warning.

  • The drop down list of times only shows start times that don't have names booked. You could add a line of code to the macro, to clear out the selected time cell, so the user won't forget to select a new time from the drop down.

  • Gobish

    Wow, beautiful file... How can i remove those names which shows booked. I dont see any bookmarks against those names?

  • @Gobish, clear cells C2:F14 on the TeeOffTimes sheet, when you want to start over.

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