Filter Pivot Charts in Excel 2010

In Excel 2007, there was a PivotChart Filter Pane, and you had to open that if you wanted to filter the pivot chart. Things have improved in Excel 2010, and the PivotChart Filter Pane is gone.

The field names now appear on the pivot chart, which is great news! Each field button has a drop down arrow, and you can use those drop downs to quickly and easily add or clear the filters.


You can show or hide the individual field buttons, or use the Hide All command on the Ribbon, to control what appears in the pivot chart.


Watch the Pivot Chart Filter Video

To see the steps for creating and filtering a pivot chart in Excel 2010, you can watch this short Excel tutorial video.

Or watch the video on YouTube: Filter Pivot Chart in Excel 2010


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3 Responses

  1. Christine Qvist says:

    How can I see which date has been choosen. When pasting the chart over to a presentation, It would be nice if you could see the selection in the filter. That was possible in the old version of Excel.

  2. Jason says:

    This change is only great if you have limitless real estate to implement these buttons on your chart.

    I have many charts lined up in a matrix for others to analyze. Now I need to change and resize each chart to accommodate these buttons. Plus I have the joy of buttons showing up when I print these charts from Excel.

    It seems that I need to make an exact copy of my sheet when I want to print it without buttons.

    Just my two cents

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