AutoFill Excel Dates in Series or Same Date

If you're entering dates on an Excel worksheet, and there's data in the adjacent column, you can use the Fill handle to make the job quick and easy.

Enter the first date in the date column, then point to the Fill handle, and double-click.


That fills the dates down to the first blank cell in the adjacent column. The dates are entered in a series of 1 day intervals.


If you want all the dates the same, while the range of cells is still selected, press Ctrl+D on the keyboard. That's the keyboard shortcut for Fill Down, and it copies the date from the first cell, into all the selected cells below.


Watch the Video

To see the steps for filling the dates, you can watch this very short video. I created this with the latest version of Camtasia Studio, which has a new feature that captures keyboard shortcuts, and can show the key combinations in the video.


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14 Responses

  1. teylyn says:

    as an alternative to double-clicking, you can also drag the fill handle down. The default behaviour in this scenario is the incrementation by 1 per row, but if you hold down the Ctrl-key while you drag, it changes to a simple copy down behaviour. You can hit Ctrl mid-drag, if you want, and watch the value preview change (in 2007 and later).

    cheers, teylyn

  2. arrian says:

    Why in Hades can’t Microsoft give instructions as simple and clear as posted here?

    Great information, however it took me a hour of reading useless information to find it. I’ve bookmarked it so i can use it again.

  3. Beckie says:

    I love the double-click feature but we just added 2010 to work and I cant get the double-click to work. It continues to the end of the worksheet instead of stopping at the empty adjacent space. Can someone tell me what to fix? Thank you

  4. smitha says:

    thanks, this was helpful for me

  5. vimal rathod says:

    hello friends….if ur mouse stopped working….try this shortcut to autofill number series……first enter first to numbers, then select range u want to fill series in, then if u r using previous versions b4 office2007, PRESS ALT+e+I+s, and then alt+f then press enter

  6. Hasib says:

    Hi Frnds,

    How can fill date in series like this type format….
    Is it possible in Ms-office’10(excel)?

  7. Thomas Hanson says:

    This is no help without data to the right, I want dates without data.

  8. Bharathi says:

    Hi Friends,

    If i use shortcut Alt+I+E+S then it is working, but i want to know under which menu series dialog box appears.


    • @Bharathi, Fill in the first date, then select all the cells that you want to fill
      On the Excel Ribbon, click the Home tab, then click Fill (at the right end of the Ribbon)
      Click Series, to open the dialog box.

  9. Corey says:

    Awesome! Thanks

  10. EMILY says:

    VERY helpful blog. THANK YOU for the pics too!

  11. ollah says:

    thanks a bunch

  12. Steph says:

    Thank you for the clear instructions, this is exactly what I needed at a glance!

  13. Cory says:

    Thank you, this was awesome.

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