Excel Weight Loss Tracker in Stone

weighticonIn January, you read about the Excel Weight Loss Tracker in which you could enter your current height and weight, and record your weekly weight loss. That version was in pounds. A couple of people asked about a stone/pound version, so I've finally created one -- just in time for swimsuit season!

Please consult your doctor about weight loss targets, and BMI measurements. I'm not a medical professional, and the workbook is designed for tracking your weight loss, as per your doctor's advice.

Update: There is a new version of the Excel Weight Loss Tracker in Stone, so the worksheets are slightly different from the screen shots below.

Enter Your Weight Loss Goals

The new stone/pound version works the same as the previous version, but you'll enter your start and target weights with stone weight in one column and pounds in another. The workbook then calculates the stone weight as a decimal value.

Enter your target weight loss per week, in pounds, in cell D10.


BMI Calculations

The Weight Goals sheet in the Excel Weight Loss Tracker also has Body Mass Index (BMI) information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Your current BMI, and target BMI, are calculated, and you can see the ideal weight range for your height. A VLookup formula shows your weight status, based on the BMI table.


Track Your Weekly Weight

On the Weight Tracker sheet, you can enter your weekly weights, with stone in one column, and pounds in another. Your weekly weight change is also calculated, in decimal stone, along with your current BMI.


Weight Loss Dashboard

The Dashboard sheet shows your progress, with a simple line chart to show your recorded weights, and a summary of your weight loss. It calculates the total weight change, in stone and pounds, and shows how many weeks are left until you reach the target end date.


Download the Excel Weight Loss Tracker – Stone

Download the Excel Weight Loss Tracker – Stone, and try it for yourself. There are versions for Excel 2007/Excel 2010, and Excel 2003 on the Contextures website: Excel Weight Loss Tracker


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11 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    this is just Perfect , many thanks

  2. Rob says:

    Can i unlock the cells in the weight tracker tab to change the dates? I want the dates to start now and work their way through this year.

    Ta, Rob

  3. Linda says:

    Can you tell me what the Pivot Table is for and how it works?

    Thank you

  4. paul Kemp says:

    Hi, I have downloaded and used the weight loss tracker and think its very good but is it possible to modify. My wife wants to use it for 5 friends but they also want to use oz as well. Can this be done.
    Name Date £ Paid Weight Weight Lost Weight Gained
    26/01/2012 st lb oz st lb oz st lb oz
    Dot £1.00 15 10 0.75
    Linda £1.00 12 9 0
    Sue £1.00 12 5 0.5
    Amanda £1.00 13 9 0
    Claire £1.00 11 1 0.5

  5. Janet Trott says:

    I’ve downloaded the tracker and already entered my weight loss over the past three weeks and it’s working really well. What an excellent program, many thanks for sharing. It’s going to be so simple to keep track of my weight loss now – no faffing about with calculators ‘n stuff. Thanks again.

  6. Krissy says:

    Just downloaded this today and it’s working out well, but I can’t seem to do anything with the Pivot Table/Chart to match what the Weight Tracker’s saying. Any advice?

  7. Jude says:

    Dear Debra
    Thank you for taking the time to make these spreadsheets. The stone weight loss one is exactly what I have been looking for and will be invaluable to me for the next year at least! :)

  8. Hi there, this tool is absolutely amazing and I love me a good graph so it is very motivating as well, thanks!
    One question – how could I add a formula which shows me how many llbs remain until I reach my goal? It is handy to see how many I’ve already lost but even more motivating to see how many I still have to go (or maybe not sometimes! But useful!). Thanks.
    P.S. Am a bit of an Excel novice, please explain in idiot terms! :-)

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