Excellent Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas! I hope you're relaxing today, and spending time with friends and family.

Here's an Excel Christmas tree for you to enjoy, if you have Excel 2007. The lights on the tree are created with conditional formatting icons, and will change colour if you press the F9 key, to recalculate the worksheet.

You can download the zipped Excel Christmas tree file, and it doesn't contain any macros. However, the conditional formatting icons will only work in Excel 2007 or later.

Excel Christmas Tree 2009


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8 Responses

  1. Good one, Deb. I knew there was a good use for those conditional formatting icons! I added a clipart Santa to make it even more festive.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Rick Rothstein (MVP - Excel) says:

    I have created a variation of Deb’s Christmas Tree worksheet that uses simple Conditional Formatting and some VBA code to make the lights blink continuously and which can be run on both XL2003 and XL2007… I am sure it can be run on earlier versions of Excel as well, but I only have these two versions available to me for testing, so I can’t state this for a fact (if you get it to run on your earlier version of Excel, you might post that fact so others reading this response will know). Here is a link where you can download the XLS file from…


    To make the lights start blinking, just right click any cell on the worksheet (you should probably not right click a cell inside the tree as that cell will remain selected and would ruin the display of the tree). To shut the blinking off, just right click any other cell on the worksheet.

  3. Rick Rothstein (MVP - Excel) says:

    Okay, it just occurred to me that Deb’s tree ornaments are circle and mine are squares… here circles are better looking. SO… I created a new worksheet using shapes for my ornaments and I think it look nicer than my original attempt. This worksheet, like my first attempt, works in XL2003 and XL2007 (as well, I assume, in previous versions); you start and stop the blinking lights in the same way… right click any cell on the worksheet. Use the same link as above…


    but download XMasTree2.xls instead (note the 2 in the name). Enjoy and a Happy Holiday to all.

  4. John, thanks, and why didn’t I think of adding Santa clip art?

    Rick, nice tree lights! You could leave that running during the Christmas dinner.

  5. Fred Chidester says:

    Thanks Debra – thank you for everything. I wish you a very, very Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year.

  6. Merry Christmas, Fred, and thanks for reading the blog!

  7. Bob Ryan says:

    Cute!… and fun. Thanks for putting it up there.

  8. Thanks Bob, it’s cheaper than a real Christmas tree, and doesn’t drop pine needles all through the house.

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