Create List of Names In a Workbook

Well, I finally finished creating all the names in my client's Excel workbook, and sent the file back to them.

To help my client see what I'd done, I created a list of the names in the workbook, and sent it along with the main file. It was also a quick way for me to double-check the names and their formulas.

Create the List of Names

Here are the steps to create a list of names:

  • Insert a new worksheet, or select a cell in a blank area of an existing worksheet. On the Ribbon, click the Formulas tab.
  • In the Defined Names group, click Use in Formula

Excel Name Use in Formula

  • At the bottom of the list of names, click Paste Names (In Excel 2003, click Insert | Name | Paste)

Excel Name Paste Names

  • In the Paste Name dialog box, click Paste List.

Excel Name Paste Name

A 2-column list of names will be inserted, starting in the selected cell, so make sure you have room for your list.

Excel Name List

What's in the List?

The list of names will contain all the workbook level names, unless there's a duplicate sheet level name on the sheet where the name list is pasted. In that case, the sheet level name appears in the list, instead of the workbook level name.

Name Manager Add-In

I've mentioned Jan Karel Pieterse's Name Manager before, as one of my favourite Excel add-ins. If you're working with names, in any version of Excel, you should download and install it. It's free, easy to install, and simple, but powerful, to use.

You can download Name Manager for Excel 2007 or earlier versions.


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6 Responses

  1. Good stuff Debra.

    Might be useful to mention (inserting shameless plug here…) Charles Williams’ and my Name Manager:

  2. Bob Phillips says:

    Mrs D, when are you going to step into the 21st century and start using the Real NameManager?

  3. Jason Morin says:


    Sometimes add-ins just take all the fun out of Excel. ;-)

  4. Bob Phillips says:

    @Jason, Good to see you are still around! You are right but sometimes we have to resist geeking out (again), and get productive :-)

  5. Okay, Jan Karel and Bob, you’re right! I’ve added a link to the fabulous (and real) Name Manager. And I’ve finally installed the Excel 2007 version on this machine, even if Jason’s right, and it does take all the fun out of Excel ;-)

  6. teylyn says:

    … and for the gazillions out there still using Excel 2003, the steps are

    Insert – Name – Paste – Paste list

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