Get Free Help With Your Excel Problems

Here's a favourite message from my mailbox this week:

Subject: help me in excel

Dear sir,

I have a problem in excel i requesting to you solve this. I am sending the data of excel sheet pls look in to that
If you have want any information on that please get back to me
I am waiting for your reply



Those "Dear Sir" emails make me feel like Peppermint Patty. At least the attached Excel file was small, unlike some of the multi-megabyte files I've been sent.

Sorry Anonymous, but I can't help with your Excel problem today. My desk is piled high with work, and I won't have any extra time to decipher your file.

Where to Get Help

Fortunately, there are places where Anonymous, or you, can get free help with your Excel problems, or ask questions about other Microsoft products.

  • You can post questions in the Microsoft newsgroups, which provide free peer-to-peer support for most Microsoft products.
  • Nick Hodge hosts the Excel User Group, which has a very helpful forum for Excel questions.
  • You could even post a short cry for help in Twitter, and it's likely that someone will respond.

These are much better options than emailing me, and asking for private help. Why?

  • There are people reading those messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you have a much better chance of getting a quick reply.
  • Thousands of people are reading the messages, and probably some of them are experts in the area where you need help.
  • Responses are usually very quick, and you'll sometimes get multiple replies, giving you a variety of solutions.
  • When you post a question and get a response, it might help someone else who has the same question later. They can find your question and answer by searching in Google.

Good luck, Anonymous! I hope you find someone who can help with that Excel question.


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14 Responses

  1. Phil Hageman says:


    I am a friend of Roger Govier – met him in London a few years back. I’ve tried to contact him recently and get no response. Is he okay, or maybe ill?


  2. Phil, all’s well with Roger, as far as I know. I emailed him to let him know that you’re trying to get in touch.

  3. Phil Hageman says:

    Thanks Debra, and apologies for misspelling your name.

  4. My favorite is the follow-up email guy. You know, the one that writes:

    “Did you get a chance to look at my file? What’s the status on that file I sent.”

    I’ll try to help with quick fixes, but sorry, I can’t build the next PeopleSoft in Excel.

  5. AlexJ says:

    Gee Mike, are you slipping? I was expecting that PeopleSoft Excel release last week :-)

    Maybe I’ll try it myself – should only take 4 or 5 hours. I’ll follow up with you if it doesn’t work. (Again with the :-) )

  6. jeffrey weir says:

    You should have just sent a link to your book on Amazon. NEVER miss a sales opportunity.

  7. Fredo says:

    I think you are “Anonymous” …

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  9. Fali says:

    i have problem using excel vba code for data entry in range to offset a row in 2 columns via userform (e.g)
    Receipt Payment
    Row1 1250 Leave this cell empty
    Row2 100 Leave this cell empty
    Roow3 leave empty cell 200

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  12. hanif says:

    the question didnt come properly because of the format
    can any one provide your email address so that i can forward you the same question
    awaiting your reply
    Hanif Ahmed

  13. hanif says:

    Case 1 Column E Column H Column I ColumnJ Column L

    fx102030 4-Jul-10 1-Jan-10 31-Jan-10 52
    bm405060 3-Mar-10 1-Feb-10 28-Feb-10 48
    1-Mar-10 31-Mar-10 51
    1-Apr-10 30-Apr-10 50
    1-May-10 31-May-10 46
    1-Jun-10 30-Jun-10 49
    1-Jul-10 31-Jul-10 55
    1-Aug-10 31-Aug-10 43
    1-Sep-10 30-Sep-10 42
    1-Oct-10 31-Oct-10 47
    1-Nov-10 30-Nov-10 54
    1-Dec-10 31-Dec-10 53

    If the dates in column “E” falls within the date range in column “H” and “I” then the rates in column “J” should come in Column “L”

  14. ray says:

    A B C D E
    1 20/01/2012 Sun11 18-04-12 22-05-12 Sun2
    2 19/02/2012 Sun12
    3 20/03/2012 Sun1
    4 19/04/2012 Sun2
    5 20/05/2012 Sun3
    6 20/06/2012 Sun4
    DATE BETWEEN C1 AND D1 MATCH FROM A COLUMN PICK UP VALUE FROM B COLUMN ,IN HEAR VALUE IS Sun2 (not 2nd match sun3), plz help which formula I use for E1