Create a New Outlook Email With Drag and Drop

Did you know that you can create a new Outlook email message by dragging some text off of an existing message? I discovered this tip by accident, but it would be useful if you're sending an email to someone, and a slightly different version to someone else.

To create a new email from existing text:

  1. Create or open an email message in Outlook
  2. Select the text that you want to copy to a new email
  3. Drag the text onto one of the Outlook folders visible in the background.


A new email message is created, with the selected text from the old message.


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6 Responses

  1. Replying or Forwarding in Outlook | NPowering: Nonprofit Technology says:

    […] just resigned myself to deleted the text I didn’t want to go along with my new message. But this post over at the Contextures blog has changed that. Turns out that is you select the text and then click […]

  2. Peggy Duncan says:

    Hi Debra, You can do the same thing when dragging to Calendar and Tasks.

  3. Doug Glancy says:

    Debra, that’s cool. Dragging in Outlook is amazing. I drag emails into the Tasks icon to make new tasks, files to and from Windows Explorer (right-click from WE to drop a hyperlink) and web links from FireFox into emails.

  4. Thanks Peggy and Doug! I often drag files from Windows Explorer into emails, but haven’t tried the other tips yet.

  5. I only send in plan text. When I drag text and drop it in the Inbox, it creates a new message in Rich Text format.

  6. Thanks Dick, I hadn’t noticed that.

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