Tiny Workouts at Your Desk

If you spend long hours working at your computer, with only an occasional jaunt to the lunch room, you might benefit from Twittercize. Ron Doyle is a Denver-based freelance writer who posts short exercises in Twitter, and they're designed for you to do in a minute or so at your desk.

During the workday, he posts about one tip per hour. For example,

Dilberts: Sit upright, cross arms at chest, contract stomach muscles. Bow forward like you're banging your head on your desk! 30 times slow!


Hulk Hogans: Elbows up, hands at your heart, pull back like Hulk ripping a yellow tank top! Squeeze those shoulder blades 30 times!

Twittercize is free and much easier than getting out to the gym for a workout, although there's a disclaimer that you should consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

You can follow Ron in Twitter at twitter.com/twittercize. For more detail on the exercises, you can read the Twittercize blog.



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2 Responses

  1. AlexJ says:

    I’ve been doing the “Dilbert” for a long time now. Why am I not in better shape?

  2. AlexJ, I’m sure your head is very muscular now, after all that desk hitting.

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