Sports Analysis in Excel

One of my clients coached his women's hockey team to a provincial championship last weekend (and this is the medal they were awarded). Congratulations to him and the team! I don't think he used Excel in planning his coaching strategy, but I'm sure Excel has other uses in sports.


Assign Baseball Players

For example, one of the Excel sample files on my website lets you assign baseball players for each inning. After you assign a player in an inning, that player's name is removed from the drop down list for the inning. You can't accidentally assign the same player twice. You can download the zipped file here: 3kb


Schedule Tee Off Times

There are also a couple of sample Excel file in which you can assign tee off times for a golf event. One is worksheet based, and uses an Advanced Filter to schedule selected players in specific time slot. Download it here: 11 kb

The other version has a UserForm in which to enter the tee off data: 16 kb

Analyze Walking Targets

In another sample file, you can record the number of steps you've walked each day, and formulas will calculate if you've reached the thresholds that you've set. It keeps track of your streaks, such as the greatest number of consecutive days that you've achieved each target. You could adapt this to other sports or personal goals. Download the file here:  8 kb


Hockey Analysis

Sadly, I don't have any hockey sample files, but I found a Hockey Analytics site that has Excel  and pdf files you can download. For example, there are several Excel files with calculations for Individual Player Contributions, and a few with Personal Goals Against Averages.

If you like statistics and hockey, you're sure to find something of interest. But remember, as the Hockey Analytics site points out:

Baseball is a game of a limited number of states...It can be modeled accurately in discrete steps...This ain't the case with hockey. Hockey is fluid and can only be modeled approximately...Hockey statistics are terribly incomplete.


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