Quickly Open a Set of Excel Files

Do you have a few Excel files that you usually have open all at the same time? Maybe the files are linked, and you update one and check the results in the other file. Or maybe there are a few files that you open first thing every morning, to enter or update the data.

After you open the files, you might spend a minute or two arranging the files so you can see everything as you work. Then you make the changes, close everything, and do the same thing again tomorrow.

Save Time With a Workspace

To save time, you can use Excel's Save Workspace feature. It remembers which files are open, how you have them arranged, and where the files are located. The Workspace file doesn't contain the files themselves. You'll still be able to open the files individually, and use the Workspace file when you want to open them together.

Prepare the Files

  1. Open all the files that you want to use.
  2. Arrange the files any way you'd like (Tiled, Vertical, etc.)

Create a Workspace File

In Excel 2007 / 2010, click Save Workspace, on the Ribbon's View tab.


In Excel 2003, click the File menu, then click Save Workspace.


Type a name for the Workspace file, and click OK. The xlw extension will be automatically added to the file name.

Close a Workspace File

In Excel 2003, hold the Shift key, click the File menu, and click Close All.

In Excel 2007, close each file individually, or add the Close All command to the Quick Access Toolbar. Or, to close all the files, and Excel, hold the Shift key, and click the X at the top right of the Excel window.

Open a Workspace File

Open a Workspace File, just as you would open any other Excel File. Click the Open button, select the Workspace file, and click Open.


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3 Responses

  1. sam says:

    There is a problem with workspaces.

    Create a workspace- Call it as My Space.xlw – Linked to 3 files – Save this on to your desktop

    Move only the workspace(the 3 linked files stay in the same place) to a different folder.
    Try double clicking on the workspace file….

  2. Sam, if the workspace file and linked files are all in the same folder originally, you’ll have problems if you move the workspace file to a different folder.
    If you stored the workspace file in a different file than any of the linked files, you shouldn’t have problems if you move the workspace file.

  3. sam says:

    It does not matter where your workspace file is…moment you move it you to a different folder you cant use it.
    If you move it back to the folder in which you originally saved it …It starts working again

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