What’s in Your Desk Drawer?

Recently, I've made some progress in clearing out my office, and organizing my files and bookshelves. This week, after I was stabbed by a push pin, while trying to dig out a paper clip, I realized that my desk drawer could use some improvement.


At some point, I had good intentions, because you can see the boxes and clear container with storage compartments, that were meant to organize things. Somewhere, though, things got off track.

  • Buried under the top layer are the paper clips, in assorted sizes, that I need occasionally.
  • The glue sticks and Scotch tape are easily accessible, but I don't use them too often.
  • Stamps, that I use about once a month, are easy to find.
  • A nice eraser, for those paper-based mistakes
  • Hand cream and nail clippers, because good grooming is important
  • The rest of it, I should toss out, or at least move to a different part of the office, so I can find those paper clips when I need them.

That desk drawer is prime office real estate, and I'm cleaning it up.

How about you?  Is your desk drawer better organized than mine? Or are you risking injury every time you reach for a paper clip?


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13 Responses

  1. Phos.... says:

    Just did this a few months ago. It was a mess, really, but nothing ever really moved much when it was in the drawer, because everything else around it held it in place.

    I emptied it and did an inventory.

    Rollover items for descriptions and pithy commentary:


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  3. Nick Hodge says:


    I followed John’s lead and posted mine here:


  4. I posted a photo of my desk drawer. Neat, tidy, and everything in its place:

  5. Nick Hodge says:


    Actually your’s isn’t a drawer, but it does remind me of the game we played as kids where you lay out random stuff, covered in a towel or something, you get 10 seconds to look and memorise things and then have to try and remember what there was. No idea what it was called, but that’s what it reminds me of.

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  7. Nick, I remember that game. Was it called Concentration? Or maybe it was just called the Memory Game.

  8. Phos, great inventory photo! Good to have google eyes close at hand, in case you need them.

  9. Doug Glancy says:

    I think of Concentration as the game where you try to turn over matching pairs of cards. One of my first Excel VBA programming fun projects was to write one for my daughter and I to play. It had multiple decks, 3 user modes and “animated” cards (the pairs moved across the screen to a pile when correctly selected). Somewhat fun to play, and a great learning experience.

  10. Doug, you’re right, Concentration was the matching cards game. Your Excel version sounds fun — do you have it uploaded anywhere, so we can see it?

  11. Doug Glancy says:

    Deborah, no, my web site is still under contstruction, so my only tool on the web is my FaceIdViewer on Dick’s site. I’d happily email you the file though if you’d like.

  12. Thanks Doug, please send it to ddalgleish AT contextures.com

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