Weekend Backups

Over the weekend I did a backup of my RSS feeds, and created backup files for my WordPress blog.

How often do I do this? Not often enough. So, I've added both items to my monthly task list, and that might help me remember to keep the backup files up to date.

I also have a Maxtor external hard drive on both my computers, and they do an automatic overnight backup.


How about you? Did you do a backup recently?


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2 Responses

  1. I do them about once every week, but on and off skip a week so I’m not very strict with this. I know I should do more.
    When I do a backup, it is mostly just my data.

    I have two 8 Gb USB sticks which I swap each week with my in-laws so my backup is also outside of the office. Should disaster happen I’ll have my data safely stashed away (it may be as old as two weeks though).

  2. JP says:

    There’s a WP plugin that does automatic scheduled backups for you. It’s called WordPress Database Backup and you can get it here:


    I have my db emailed to me every week.

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