Hidden Word Shortcuts

In Microsoft Word, recording a macro is just a double-click away.

Normally, to record a macro in Word, you'd click on the Tools menu, then click Macro, then click Record New Macro.

A much quicker way is to double-click on the REC box in the status bar, at the bottom of the Word window.


The Record Macro dialog box immediately opens, and you can begin recording.

Double-click the REC box again, to turn off the recorder.

Other Shortcuts

There are other double-click shortcuts in the status bar:

TRK: Toggle the Track Changes feature

EXT: Toggle the Extend Selection feature

OVR: Toggle the Overtype feature (does anyone use that?)

Page Number (or any area in the left end of the Status Bar): Open the Go To dialog box

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    At the bottom of the vertical scroll bar, you’ll see some icons. They can be used to do a find next, find previous (up and down symbols) or browse objects (circle symbol).

    Easier than going through the find dialog again.

  2. Jon Peltier says:

    “OVR: Toggle the Overtype feature (does anyone use that?)”

    … not intentionally.

  3. Dave, thanks, those buttons are really useful, and I rarely remember to use them.

    Jon, too true. All too frequently I accidentally hit the Insert key on the keyboard, and end up typing over some of my text.

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