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I use Google to do web searches, and am pretty efficient at finding things, in my humble opinion. Last week my son sent me a link to All My Faves, which lets you find things, but in a completely different way than Google.

The Home page has rows of web site logos, grouped in categories such as Travel, Sports, Finance and Tech. The top row has weekly favourites.

There's a Weekly Faves tab, that has archived links from earlier weeks, and there's a best of 2007 row at the bottom of that page. Also, there are specialized tabs for Travel, Entertainment, Kids and Shopping.

This could be a great starting point if you're trying to generate ideas, or find new sources of information (or entertainment!) Instead of starting from a narrow search term, and digging in to different sites, All My Faves lets you start from the forest, and pick a few trees to examine.

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3 Responses

  1. allmyfaves says:

    Hey Debra,

    My name is Shachar and I am one of the founders of All My Faves. Thank you for the great blog review, we truly appreciate it.

    Please keep in touch,


  2. Shachar, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Pablo says:

    Hey Bobby, do you represent the 43marks site? I’m asking because I’ve noticed that you’ve posted this same comment, word for word, in nearly every blog that mentions allmyfaves. If you do represent 43marks, it would have been more honest for you to disclose that within your comment so people know you have a vested interest in bringing traffic to that site.

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