Shifty Tricks in Excel

You probably know a few ways to use the Shift key in Excel, to extend the cells that you have selected. For example:

  • Click on a cell, then hold the Shift key, and click on another cell. All the cells in between are selected.
  • Hold the Shift key while you use the arrow keys, and cells will be selected as you move.

Here are a couple more Shift tricks:

  • Select a cell, then click in the Name box, at the left side of the Formula Bar. Type the address of another cell, then hold the Shift key, and press Enter. The entire range will be selected.

  • Select a starting cell, then hold the Shift key, and select a named range from the Name box drop down list.

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4 Responses

  1. Jon Peltier says:

    In the Name Box I usually select a cell, type a colon, then type the name of the second cell. Using Shift saves a mouse click. Also when I tested it the first time, I held Ctrl when I pressed Enter, and Excel selected only the two cells, not the entire rectangular range defined by them. So add this to your Controlly Tricks in Excel post.

  2. Thanks Jon, controlly tricks are good too.

  3. Donna Mills says:

    I love to close all of my open Excel documents (and use Save All) when I hold Shift and then File>Close All

    I copy selected cells as a picture to paste into other places (PPT files, Word files, Outlook emails) by holding Shift and selecting Edit>Copy Picture

  4. Donna, thanks for sharing your tips. I wish Excel had a Save All, like Word has.

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