Does Music Help You Focus?

I've read articles that claim listening to Baroque music will help productivity, and some research concludes that music can make you more productive in repetitive tasks. When I wrote my books, I usually had flamenco nuevo or contemporary music in my headset, and sometimes listened to the same album several times in a row. (I'm sure that's not a symptom of anything!) When programming, I like it quiet.

What do you listen to, or do you prefer silence?

If you find that classical music helps you focus, you might enjoy the free concert downloads available at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Music:

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6 Responses

  1. Alex J says:

    Music – for sure. Its been that way since university. The right music channels creativity somehow. Right now my choices are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Melanie Doan, and Duffy. Eclectic? Mais, oui. But each, especially Duffy, hits a great groove.

  2. Thanks Alex, and eclectic is good. I can listen to Patty Griffin, Joan Osborne and The Weepies for hours when writing. They just sit in the right place at the back of my head.

  3. Dave says:

    Baroque music–don’t blame me.

    I didn’t bar-eak it

  4. Geez, next you’ll be complaining about violins on television. ;-)

  5. JP says:

    It’s got to be heavy metal.. Iron Maiden :) Classical music is just too relaxing and I have a tendency to start paying too much attention to it.


  6. Thanks, JP, Iron Maiden would certainly keep you awake! It probably keeps the neighbours awake too, if you turn it up to 11. Maybe you could listen to Stairway to Heaven instead:

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